Why we are here

It’s almost mid-September; time for this journal to wake up and the story of our journey to continue. In the months since my last post so much has been happening. At times it has been overwhelming, confusing and frustrating, at other times satisfying and heart-warming. It’s these ups and downs that have kept me away from here.

In all the whirl of coming to terms with moving lock stock and barrel to a new country, it has been all too easy to lose sight of why we are here. There have been times when we have asked ourselves ‘why are we here?’ when confronted with yet another task that would have been relatively straightforward in the UK. With a change of season, the summer heat beginning, albeit painfully slowly, to subside it’s time to reacquaint ourselves with ‘why we are here’ and to remind and congratulate ourselves on exactly what we have achieved in the short time that we’ve been here. We’ve come a long way.

For anyone embarking on a journey like ours (and I know of at least two couples who are starting their own journeys to France in the next weeks and months), there’s no hiding from the fact that it will be tough at times. But when it does get tough and you’re tired and fed up, step back and remind yourselves of ‘why we are here’.

I leave you with just a few of the reasons of I’m so very grateful to be where I am now:

  • Waking up to a view like no other we’ve ever had before
  • Spending an hour in a hammock underneath our cherry trees; trees that produce the sweetest cherries we’ve ever tasted
  • The excitement of finding yet another stunning view, small hameau, different landscape on our travels in the area
  • And most importantly, the kindness and helpfulness of our neighbours and being welcomed into their community