Slowly through France

We decided to take our journey to the south of France, slowly. When we’ve visited on holiday, we travelled down south as fast as we could as time was always limited. This time though it was different, the south of France has become our home. Sailing out of Portsmouth on a dark and wet Sunday night, the UK slipped out of sight almost unnoticed. The morning dawned bright and calm with the coast of Brittany and the tiny islands guarding the harbour at Saint Malo coming into view. Driving off the ferry early that morning, it was all somewhat surreal to realise we weren’t on holiday, but now in a new adopted country.


Our meandering journey took us first to southern Brittany, then onto the Dordogne, Lot-et-Garonne and finally southern Hérault. Each day the character of the country subtly changed from the austere granite of Brittany to the warm stone of Languedoc.


So at last we are in our new temporary home. After almost six weeks of living out of suitcases and sleeping in a different bed every other night, the stability of being in one place is welcome. We still have a long journey ahead. Our house purchase is going through the processes it has to go through and we are yet to appoint an architect and builder to renovate it. We are also in the early stages of setting up our new business. But we’re here, everyday enjoying our new surroundings.